We, the parishioners of Monmouth, have been invited to contribute to a global Synod focussing on the themes of Communion, Participation and the Mission of the Church in the modern world.

The process instigated by Pope Francis welcomes views from parishioners and others in this parish, across the diocese and the globe. For a better sense of the Synod process, I encourage you to see this account on line: . More details will follow of our own approach.

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Given the current prevalence of COVID I have taken the view as the parish delegate to the Synod to solicit views by internet, writing and telephone. Additionally, I am available in person, if preferred. We shall also establish a meeting for those who don’t have the benefit of email.

We have until the end of February 2022 to submit our thoughts and comments so that they can be consolidated and submitted in March for diocesan consideration. I look forward to working with you.

Sean Dunne, is the Monmouth Delegate to the Cardiff Diocesan Synod, with Therese Warwick on the diocesan team.


11/4/22: 15. Diocesan Synodal Report. Click SYNOD15 for full details.

20/3/22: 14. Journey’s End – for now. Click SYNOD14 for full details.

13/3/22: 13. Draft Parish Report for Synod. Click SYNOD13 for full details.

8/3/22: 12. Right of Reply. Click SYNOD12 for full details.

28/2/22: 11. Perceptions of the Church. Click SYNOD11  for full details.

22/2/22: 10-2. Questions on Communion, Participation and Mission. Click SYNOD10-2 for full details.

22/2/22: 10-1. A View from Ross. Click SYNOD10-1 for full details.

15/2/22: 9. Calls for Change.Click SYNOD9 for full details.

8/2/22: 8. Parishioners’ Views. Click SYNOD8 for full details.

4/2/22: 7. Faith and Doubt. Click SYNOD7 for full details.

28/1/22: 6-2. Challenges facing the Universal Church: Comments received so far. Click SYNOD6-2 for full details.

28/1/22: 6-1. Challenges facing the Universal Church: Introduction. Click SYNOD6-1 for full details.

22-23/1/22: 5. Your Church and You – An Invitation from Pope Francis. Click SYNOD5 for full article.

8/1/22: 4-2. The Church in the Community. Click SYNOD4-2 for full article.

8/1/22: 4-1. Synod Preparations: Next Steps on our Journey: Reflection, Participation, The Church in the Community. Click SYNOD4-1 to access full article.

8/1/22: 3. Vademecum is a handbook prepared by the Holy See which “offers practical support to the Diocesan Contact Person, designated by the diocesan Bishop, to prepare and gather the People of God so that they can give voice to their experience in their local Church.” You may wish to read it as a prelude to offering your comments. Click SYNOD3 to access the full document.


16/12/21: 2. 10 Questions. We started our synodal journey  by looking at our Parish Community Profile. We are now highlighting the 10 questions posed by the Archbishop in his Advent letter. Click SYNOD2 for full article.


9/12/21: 1. Monmouth Parish Community Profile. Click SYNOD1 for full article.