Dear Parishioners,

It is not every day that the Pope seeks our view about the future of the Church so it is particularly gratifying to see how we responded so positively to the challenge when given this opportunity.

Attached is a draft Report to the Archdiocese capturing some of the principal points emerging from our deliberations as well as the process we adopted to produce it. It honours our commitment to make it available to you for information and comment prior to submission.

There is no single report that can be said to represent the views of all parishioners for the simple reason that there have been many voices, advocating different things with different points of emphasis while others have chosen to remain silent, as they are entitled to do.

What we have, therefore, is a patchwork of views within a framework often quoting verbatim what parishioners have said in their written contributions during our Synodal Journey. This is supplemented by comments and concerns articulated verbally in and outside meetings over the last few months but clustered and consolidated where possible to fit the space available. It does not purport to identify all the points raised nor could it reasonably do so. Some have been very open, personal, poignant and humbling to read. I wish to thank you for them all.

In many ways you’ll find the Report hard hitting at times reflecting parishioners’ views. Being so, it gives it greater clarity and consequential impact.

So, this is your opportunity to comment on the Report by Friday, 18 March before submission to the Archdiocese no later than Monday, 21 March.

Please send your comments to me at the following email address: or (anonymously) via the basket marked SYNOD towards the back of the church, as some have chosen to do.

Thank you,

Sean Dunne

Click here for full text of  Draft Parish Report for Synod.