October 2022

December 2022/ January2023

1st  6:00 pm    P-J Shaw

3th  6:00 pm    Bernadette Keyton

2nd  9:15 am   Gill Waters

4th 9:15 am     Martina Davies

8th  6:00 pm   Bob Tomkins

10th  6:00 pm    Anne May

9th  9:15 am   Therese Warwick

11th  9:15 am    Martin Flach

15th  6:00 pm    Jerome Vaughan

17th  6:00 pm    Martin Milling

16th  9:15 am   Children’s Mass

18th  9:15 am    Children’s Mass

22nd  6:00 pm   Anne May

>> 24th      PM   P-J Shaw

23rd  9:15 am   Chris Cherry

25th  9:15 am   Helen Quinn

29th  6:00 pm    Liz Alford

31st 6:00 pm    Bob Tomkins

30th  9:15 am   Elizabeth Cherry

 1st Jan  9:15 am   Veronica Scott

November 2022

January 2023

5th  6:00 pm     Sean Dunne

7th  6:00 pm     Jerome Vaughan

6th  9:15 am     Frances Cloud

8th  9:15 am     Gill Waters

12th  6:00 pm    Simon Durrant

14th  6:00 pm    Phil Withers

13th  9:15 am    Cath Coolican Smith

15th  9:15 am    Children’s Mass

19th  6:00 pm    Peter Field

21st  6:00 pm    Patricia Milling

20th 9:15 am    Children’s  Mass

22nd 9:15 am     Bernie Waters

26th  6:00 pm    Glyn Jones

28th  6:00 pm    Liz Alford

 27th  9:15 am    Margaret Cowen

29th  9:15 am   Rosamund Vaughan

February 2023


4th  6:00 pm    Sean Dunne


5th  9:15 am    Ali Szwagrzak


11th  6:00 pm    Simon Durrant


12th  9:15 am    Therese Warwick


18th   6:00 pm    Bernadette Keyton


19th  9:15 am    Children’s Mass


25th  6:00 pm    Glyn Jones


26th  9:15 am    Chris Cherry


>> Christmas Mass time to be confirmed

If you wish to join/re-join the rota (and/or have not received an email to this effect), please contact Peter Field on 07967 189423, or email him on .



Watch this space!

Eucharistic Ministers have not been active at Mass since the outbreak of the Covid epidemic.