A church record in the Account Book of the Rev. Mr. Thomas Abbot, records the payment on 6th June 1871 of the sum of £14.7s.6d to Mr. Vowles, Organ Builder, Bristol. Although this firm appears to be now extinct, a Google search lists in the 1923 Kelly’s Directory for Bristol, under the heading Organ Builders, the firm: W. G. Vowles Limited, 3 St James Square, Bristol. It was founded in 1858 and became by far the largest firm of Organ Builders in Bristol and continued until after World War II. By all accounts it was a distinguished firm of organ-builders and an example of their work was found in the Chapel of Mansfield College, Oxford. The organ is situated in the choir loft at the western end of the church.


Our organists are Tony Forster, Diane Turnbull and Stephen Walsh.

Children’s Mass

Our music is led by Tony Forster (guitar), Joe Walton (double bass) and Catherine Coolican-Smith (flute). The Mass affords a good opportunity for any budding musicians/percussionists to take part and new members are always welcome. Families with children are encouraged to sit at the front of the church and join in.

Children’s Mass is held on the first Sunday of every month at the 9:15 a.m. Mass except during school holidays. The music is geared to the lighter hymns that are meaningful to children. The atmosphere is less formal than usual and children are encouraged to take as big a part as possible, both instrumentally and through readings.

Children’s Mass is followed by an informal get-together in the Parish Room, with coffee and refreshments. This is an excellent opportunity to meet fellow parishioners and all are welcome.

For more details, please contact Mrs. Mary McGrath.