Children’s Liturgy

During the Covid-19 lockdown the following resources for Children are available online.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide any services for our children face-to-face. But all is not lost! CAFOD has made available valuable resources and activity sheets for children’s liturgy for every Sunday of the year.

You can access the resources online or sign up to have them delivered by email.

Click here for further information on online resources.

Under normal conditions:

The Children’s Liturgy Group welcomes children from approximately 4-9 years on Sunday mornings at 9.15 am Mass in the Parish Rooms. The children hear a simplified Gospel story, discuss points and then complete a related activity. The children return at the offertory, and bring their work to share with the congregation.

Activity bags are available at the back of church for small children during Mass.

If anyone is interested in helping with the Children’s Liturgy, please contact Mary McGrath.