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Pictures of Manuscripts held at Venerable English College in Rome

St David Lewis’s student entry in Volume 1 of the Liber Ruber — the college register — which runs from 1 May 1579, the date of the formal creation of the college, down to the present day (we are now into the ninth volume).


The set of Responsa or answers to questions posed to every student wishing to enter the college, from 1598 down to the late seventeenth century: this was a means of ensuring that no student was, in fact, a government spy, something which happened more than once before 1598. Note that he used the assumed name of Charles Baker (Carolus Backerus).

This is the text of the St Stephen’s Day sermon to Pope Urban VIII, given by Fr David Lewis on 26 December 1642.   This is in a separate volume of St Stephen’s Day sermons, dating back to 1581 when the first such sermon was given by a member of the Venerable English College.   The 1642 sermon is the last one in the volume and, as you will see, requires considerable conservation.

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