St Frances of Rome Church

The Synodal Journey

Responding to the Document for the Continental Stage

Dear Parishioners,

Earlier in the year many of our parishioners responded to the Pope’s call for a people’s Synod, which asked for the involvement of as wide a range as possible of the people of God. The meetings we held were well attended and responses by letter, email and word of mouth were many and varied, reflecting a deep and prayerful consideration of the process.

Our parish response was gathered by us (click St Frances Synod Report for our parish response) and became a part of the Diocesan synthesis, which in turn became part of a global response.

Question 1

What did the parish learn about itself from the synodal process? How much of what was produced in the parish report was reflected in the diocesan report?  What progress have you made in addressing some of the issues you identified in April 2022?

Question 2

What were the areas where there were major differences between what you considered important and the issues that were addressed in the Diocesan Report? How might some of those matters be introduced into your work as a parish? Have you considered the Recommendations at the end of the Diocesan Report? How relevant are any of them to your work?

Question 3

In Question 1 & 2 you will have reflected on the process of the synod in your parish and the product of it what you are starting to do. What are the key messages that all parishes could use to decide how they manage to share the faith and to support those on the periphery? Are there general truths that you would want to share? What is God calling us to be through the synodal process?



The next stage of the Synodal journey is the Continental stage, and we are asked to read the document produced, which reflects the key themes from the global consultation. It is called the Working Document for the Continental Stage. Many of the key themes which we as a parish discussed are found in the document. We are asked to respond to it by answering these three questions, so that everyone has an opportunity to contribute to this next phase.

The full document is long, but a Summary has been produced by our diocese. Parishes have been asked to collate responses and forward them by 6th December. As you can see the time frame is very tight.

You can reply via email to us at :

Archbishop Mark has also made it clear that he would welcome individual responses. His email address is:

We will leave a few copies of the synthesis and the three questions at the back of the church for the next two weeks, and written responses can be left there, should email be a problem.

Please find below the links to the full document, the shortened form and the original parish report.

Thank you in advance for your contributions to the synodal journey, we will do our best to collate any responses and forward a faithful representation of your thoughts.

Jon and Lindsay Wise

  1. Working Document for the Continental Stage
  2. Synod Continental Stage – A Summary
  3. St Frances Synod Report