MAY/JUNE 2021 (updated 10/6/21)



Saturday, May 29th from 11am-12.30pm.
Deacon Rob Coyne will be giving a talk on “Celebrating, Living and Sharing “The God Who Speaks”.
This will be a very enlightening talk as the title is the theme of the Year of the God Who Speaks.

Saturday, June 12th from 11am-12.30pm. 

Rev. Bernard Sixtus will be giving a talk on “The Vision of St. John’s Gospel”.
Fr. Bernard Sixtus PhD, MA, BA(Hons) is Director of Education (Schools) for the Archdiocese and is well known as a very engaging speaker, well versed in theology.

How to Access the Online Talks: You can access the talks on the day via Zoom at:

Meeting ID: 824 0925 6453
Passcode: 633303

The talks will also appear on YouTube. Please go to the ACES YouTube channel

Details of the programme of talks for the year can be found on the Archdiocesan website events.

Contacts for enquiries: Madeleine Walters at at or Kate Duffin at


NEW ARCHDIOCESAN PROGRAMME: Spread the Gospel: Developing a Missionary Parish.

Wednesday, April 21st and 28th, May 5th, May 12th and May 19th, June 9th and June 16th 2021

The Diocesan Evangelisation Commission is pleased to announce its new programme. The Commission has spent the year of lockdown creating the programme and then piloting, reviewing, and amending it. The Programme has been approved by His Grace, Archbishop George Stack. It is a seven-week programme, running for one and half hours via Zoom on one evening a week.. It will be delivered by members of the Evangelisation Commission.

The Programme is open to all parishioners and clergy across the Archdiocese.

The new Programme will remind participants of the Great Commission and the basic Gospel message. It will cover a rudimentary history of the early church and will consider important messages from recent papal papers, how to give witness testimonies, evangelise non-church going Catholics with practical approaches and tools for building a parish team to evangelise.

The Genesis Mission will be an important follow-on activity offered to participants, providing the necessary skills for successful encounters.

For more information and to register for the Programme, please email Madeleine Walters at


CHASING THE WIND: The Bible, philosophy and the Problem of Evil on Zoom with Dr. Gregory Stacey.

These talks deal with the perennial question of how we might make sense of suffering through a study of Biblical texts. We are often asked questions by non-believers and believers about how we can believe in a God Who “allows” suffering and evil. These talks will provide some useful answers.

Does the extent and variety of evil make belief in God irrational? Can the Christian story help us to make sense of suffering?

A series of Five Talks will introduce accessible answers to these and other questions, in dialogue with Biblical texts.
Mondays from 14th June online – 7-8pm.



A series of monthly talks will be livestreamed on YouTube. Click link below for further information.