Why not….
Try meditating?

For all those who go to church most Sundays, the sudden and complete shutdown of the churches in response to the Coronavirus pandemic must have come as a shock – for some, an enormous shock. And the clergy, like everyone else, are working on imaginative ways that they can offer support within these constraints. So what can we do at home on our own to feel we are still part of a worshipping community?

Well, one possibility, perhaps surprising and initially unfamiliar, is to try Christian Meditation. Far from being a strange, ‘foreign’ custom, a simple form of meditation has been part of the Christian tradition right back to the early centuries, and even to Jesus himself. It just got rather lost in more recent times. For the last 50 years or so, the tradition has been revived, and there is now a World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM) – ecumenical, and with a strong presence in the UK.

WCCM recommends a short time of meditation – about 20 minutes – twice a day. The short version of ‘How to meditate’ is in the box below. But as long as you have internet access, it’s best to go the websites listed below. There is masses of help, resources and information on these websites.

As they all say, meditating is ‘simple, but not easy’. But, with practice and perseverance it will bring rewards, and perhaps a new dimension to your spiritual life. It’s for everyone – young (including children!), old, new Christians and (really!) old hands, and those whose links to ‘church’ are at best tenuous. And, for all of us stuck at home, you become part of a very real, though invisible, worldwide Christian community.

To find out more, go to www.wccm.org and www.christianmeditation.org.uk