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Welcome to Visitors: we extend a very warm welcome to you and hope you enjoy your time in these areas of outstanding beauty. Both our churches, one in Wales and one in England, are in the Archdiocese of Cardiff.

We are a Catholic community growing in faith, spreading the Gospel message of Love through our daily lives and by supporting one another and the wider community through prayer, fellowship and service.

We welcome you to our website and hope you enjoy learning more about our communities.  We warmly welcome both new parishioners and visitors from all over the world to our parish.

Sunday 28th February 2021

2nd Sunday of Lent



Mass is live streamed every Sunday at 11:00.

Stations of the Cross will be live-streamed on Friday, 5th March at 6:00 pm.

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Should you need to contact Father Nick, please do so by phone (01600 712029) or by email (monmouth@rcadc.org)

A message from Father Nick 50

“One body, one spirit in Christ”

Almost a year has passed since “Lockdown” made such changes in the way we worship. Our own generation is the first to be able to live-stream a parish mass and that has given welcome continuity to our lives, but our absence from each other at the Eucharist comes at great cost. Watching mass at a distance, however devoutly, can never be ideal.

From the beginning, Sunday Eucharist was celebrated quite specifically as a coming together in Christ. Like the elements of bread and wine that coming together was essential to the sacrament, and its strong meaning was emphasised by two ancient Roman practices.

The first is called the fermentum. During mass the Bishop of Rome would break from his own Eucharistic loaf particles to be taken by ministers to the other Roman titular churches. Each celebrant would then place a particle in his own chalice as a sign of unity. Like the sound that is said to have rumbled around the hills of Rome when congregations shouted out the Great Amen, it was a powerful reminder that we share a universal mystery.

The second is the custom of gathering at Lenten “Station” churches, still practised in Rome today. This began in the fourth century as a way of strengthening community and honouring the martyrs of the city. The faithful would end their daily Lenten fast by gathering at a church (the collect). Then, singing the litany of the saints, they would walk in procession to that day’s station church where the Bishop of Rome would celebrate mass with them. The sequence of station churches was fixed by Pope St Gregory the Great (540-604)

Today the pope is present only at the first station church, Santa Sabina, on Ash Wednesday, as in our picture, but the practice still has popular appeal. During the rest of Lent, connections are made between Scripture readings, particular saints and the choice of station churches, but in Holy Week emphasis on the Passion predominates. As one professor of liturgy puts it,

“During Holy Week venues appropriate to the day were utilized, including the great basilicas closest to the papal palace that, in an anomaly of history, were located far from the population centres. Crowds could be expected on Palm Sunday and Holy Wednesday, Thursday and Easter Sunday. The Good Friday service with the pope presiding took place at “Jerusalem”, Helena’s palace along the Aurelian wall dedicated to the holy cross. Clergy especially would attend there; liturgies that included readings, prayers, veneration of the cross and a communion service would be celebrated also at the “tituli” [specifically established and recorded early churches].

 (continued in the next column)

A Message from Father Nick 50 (contd)

The invariable stations for Holy Week were:

Palm Sunday – “Our Saviour’s” (St John Lateran)

Holy Monday – Ss Nereus & Achilleus (later replaced by S Prassede)

Holy Tuesday – S Prisca on the Aventine

Holy Wednesday – St Mary Major (the so-called “Manger church”)

Holy Thursday – the Lateran

Good Friday – Holy Cross in Jerusalem (Helena’s palace)

Holy Saturday – Lateran Baptistery & Lateran Basilica

Easter Sunday – St Mary Major

May it not be too long before we too are once more able to come together.

Holy Cross Basilica, Jerusalem

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Saint of the Month (February)

St Brigid

Patron Saint of (among others): Ireland, poets and dairymaids

Saint Brigid, unknown author, illumination from the manuscript “Ruskin Hours”, c. 1300, ms. Ludwig IX 3, f. 106v, J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles. Digital image courtesy of the Getty’s Open Content Program.

To read more about St Brigid, whose feast day is 1st February, click HERE.


A series of monthly talks is planned. The talks will be livestreamed on YouTube.

All of these dates can be found here, in this programme, together with details of how to access the talks:



PARISHES UPDATE: 25th February 2021

STATIONS OF THE CROSS will be celebrated by Father Nick on Friday, 5th March at 6:00 pm. Unfortunately, no congregation will be permitted, but the Stations will be live-streamed on our usual streaming channel: twitch.tv/stmarysfrancesofrome


MASS IS CELEBRATED every Saturday (Vigil) Mass at 6:00 pm; Sunday Mass at 09:15 am.

Saturday Vigil Mass, 6:00 pm, no need to book.

Sunday Mass: Booking is now essential for Sunday Mass due to the increased number who wish to attend. Click HERE to apply for a place on Sunday, 28th February.

During Lent, Mass will be celebrated in Monmouth on Wednesdays at 10:00 am. No need to book, just sign in at the door and follow the steward’s guidance.



MASS IS CELEBRATED every Sunday at 11:00 am (live-streamed).  Booking is essential if you wish to attend Mass in the Church.

Sunday, 28th February: Click HERE to apply for a place.

WORLD DAY OF PRAYER, 5th March: St Frances of Rome parishioners were due to host the annual Service for the World Day of Prayer this year. However, due to the current Covid restrictions, it has been decided to cancel the Event. The Service has been organised by Christian women from the Islands of Vanuatu 11,000 miles east of Australia in the S Western Pacific.

Although we are not holding our own service, we can still support them with our prayers. A virtual service is being  held at St. Michael & All Ángels, Ledbury HR9 1DL on Friday, 5th March  at 2 pm. Details at www.WWDP.org.uk

You can make a donation via the website or text 2021WDP5 to 70085 to donate £5 from your mobile phone. For further information or a copy of the service booklet please contact Marion Contreras on 07879.


LIST OF THE SICK for both parishes: If you know of any parishioners you feel should be included in the list of Those who are Sick (on the website) please let Father Nick (monmouth@rcadc.org) or Anne (sec.stmarysrc@gmail.com) or Tish (stfrances.editor@gmail.com) , we would be happy to add them to the list.


Please pray for all those in our parishes who are not well and would like to be remembered, especially:

Sheila MacEwan (Monmouth)


Please pray for the repose of all who have died at this time, especially for those who died very recently:

Father Peter Fox of Liverpool, long-time friend of Ross parish, who died suddenly.

Pat Doheney, R.I.P. (mother of Gail Wright, Monmouth)

John Shiel, R.I.P. (brother of Anne May, Monmouth)

Gordon Amand, R.I.P. (Ross-on-Wye)

Avis Avila , R.I.P.,  also her husband, Victor, R.I.P., parents-in-law of Aiden Browne (Ross-on-Wye), who died 6 days after Avis.

Sadly and inevitably because of the pandemic all funerals are subject to severe restriction but we hope, when it is again possible, to celebrate a memorial mass for each of those we can now only acknowledge in prayer.



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